• Area Size460m2
  • SystemRecirculation

The task was set to design and build into an obscure shape and multiple levelled paddling pool. We did this by utilising the existing draining solution that saw the top-level drain through the wall down into the bottom area. From this we were able to create a paddling zone in the top level but also allowing it to drain to a dry deck overnight. This added value enabled less confident users to get involved whilst also keeping the heritage of the paddling pool.

We included the brand-new Super Soaker tipping bucket. This huge tipping bucket and tipping board creates a huge splash. Tipping buckets of any sorts are a must in all splashpads as the tension creates a great playful atmosphere as its users sit and wait for the dreaded tip!

All of the features subsequently fit to the modern theme with shapes, curves and colours to fit this theme. Some features with a ‘bead blast’ finish and some powder coated. Our range of features spread from inground features up to the Super Soaker providing play value for all ages.

Construction Phase

The construction phase of the project started in April 2022 with part of the existing paddling pool being removed and new main electrical, water and waste connections installed to the required locations.

Trenches were dug around the existing pad and 53 anchors were installed across the splashpad in the agreed locations, along with all the relevant pipework and electrical connections.

Excavations took place for the two main below ground tanks. Whilst excavating, an old concrete sewer pipe was discovered that had not been identified on the pre-construction information. This then flagged a design change that led to the relocation of the tanks and the pipework adapted to suit.

Once the area had been excavated to the correct level and new location, the tanks were moved into position and concreted in place. The moving of the tanks to the new location involved additional concrete and a re-routing of the pipe work to the plantroom. The moving of the tanks had approximately a 2-week impact on the programme with the additional excavation and the additional work with pipework and making good.

The pool base was 200mm of reinforced concrete which was broken out in the shallowest areas and removed from site. The deeper areas were kept and where possible our anchors were fixed to the concrete base. On the bigger elements such as the Super Soaker we excavated isolated deeper foundation pads.

The entire area had 150mm of C35 reinforced concrete falls to allow the water to return to the main balance tanks as quickly as possible for water treatment.

A 15mm wetpour rubber crumb was used as the finished surface and was laid to include themed graphics. This created a bright playful area with a non-slip non-abrasive finish.

The two new DDA complaint ramps with handrails were constructed to enable access to the lower splashpad for all ages and abilities.

Main Features:

  • Wetpour Surface
  • 47 individual water play features
  • Modern features 
  • Super Soaker