• Area Size207m2
  • SystemSingle Use
  • Bespoke Custom Fittings15 Features

Working along side Teignbridge District Council we renovated an old existing splash pad site. Utilising our ability to create custom base plates for our features we were able to fit brand new colourful features to brighten up the existing site. Two brand new tipping buckets sit central to the area adding a new play element to the dated splash pad. Additionally two shape shifter features were added with coloured panels targeted to the younger age group so that the splash pad can entertain the wider audience.

We were able to address the issue of a smaller sized incoming water main by using custom made nozzles to power up the water sprays and increase the play value of the park for users. 

If you have a smaller sized incoming water main on your current splash pad, due to our U.K. manufacturing capabilities we can design parts that can reduce your water usage and power up your features, for maximum water play fun! 

Main Features:

  • Outdoor Splash Pad
  • Wetpour Surface
  • Over 15 individual water play features
  • Natural Theme
  • Bright colourful features
  • Bespoke Features to fit existing anchors