• Area Size101
  • Construction Time3 Months
  • SystemRecirculation

Main Features:

  • Outdoor Splash Pad
  • Wetpour Surface
  • Over 21 individual water play features
  • Forest Theme
  • Bright colourful features
  • Interactive Forest Fence

Existing Site

The site prior to our works was a raised area next to the existing outdoor pools. The addition of the splash pad meant the plant room building needed re-sizing. After discussions it was best to build its own plant room to house the recirculation system. The area underneath the outdoor seating posed the best option.


We have designed an all new bespoke splashpad custom to its setting. The overall area has been laid out to accompany a combination of elements. Firstly, the area needed good vision across the area to avoid any users entering or leaving without supervision. The overall areas shape has been designed to flow smoothly next to the existing pool.

It was also important to design the area to be in keeping with its surroundings. Sitting naturally with its surroundings we opted to design the theme around a forest with the stunning forest backdrop on the top of the hill. We have used muted greens, blues, and greys to create a natural setting.
Utilizing the existing site, we have designed the splashpad across two levels. We have used the difference in levels to accommodate the different age groups whilst having smooth transitions throughout to allow all ages and abilities to enjoy.

The top area we have named The Forest. This is where our Woodland Run creates exciting movement as users weave in and out between the tree trunks. Watch out, some of the trunks have nozzles in and will soak you. Some trees have tipping buckets that will drench you and some trees will rain down on you from above! This set of features have a huge variety of water interaction whilst also creating an atmosphere of imaginative stories to be made. These tresses are made from HDPE Densetec panels mostly used in public play spaces to add a strong theme to the area. On top of that we have custom designed sections of polycarbonate panels which when the light shines through the colored panels create another level of sensory play. Running throughout the forest is a river weaving in and out of the trees. Steppingstones and many other elements to play with have been designed into the wetpour surfacing. This is an additional element to our designs as users can hop skip and jump through the area creating their own memories. Sitting at the top of the waterfall, in the center of the splashpad sits the Cabin Slide Hut. This excellent feature has multiple water interactions from a tipping bucket to curtains of showers, each leg has a new addition to explore. More importantly this feature has a running water slide. An exciting 1m slide from a themed platform is a top favorite in our play zones. Slide down the waterfall slide and slip into the calm lake. The Calm Lake is a great area for younger users to enjoy without the high-speed play of older users. Separated from the fast-paced area enables younger and less confident users to interact with water comfortably.

An important element to the design is safety. We strive to design innovative splashpads whilst always keeping safe. We have designed bespoke forest panels that act as a natural barrier from entering the deeper pool. These panels can have a huge variety of interactive elements and encourage all users to enjoy the area even if they want to stay dry. We have included them at the top of the waterfall slide to slow users down from running on the slope. Across the entire area are a large selection of our in-ground features used on all of our splashpads from our Eco Splash range. These consist of a variety of nozzles that form different streams of water to interact with. Such as our Peacock nozzle creating 3 arches or water to run through, jump over or crawl under, the possibilities are limitless.

Construction Phase

Embarking on the splash park installation at Cofton Holiday Parks presented a multifaceted challenge, particularly with respect to the pivotal aspect of ensuring seamless access, safety, and operational continuity. In line with the intricate nature of such projects, where access considerations play a pivotal role, our approach to the site location encapsulated a holistic strategy to navigate these complexities. The unique circumstance of Cofton Holiday Parks necessitated a careful orchestration of construction activities, given that the holiday park remained fully operational during the entirety of the project. To prioritize the safety and well-being of both the general public and holidaymakers, a comprehensive plan was devised. Due to the location of the construction site and the road into this, a full Traffic Management plan was required to ensure deliveries were managed in line with safety requirements, we then established there were two feasible routes to safely deliver materials to site. This also encompassed the placing of Heras fencing, safety barriers, and prominent signage throughout the construction site, delineating safe zones and pathways. This proactive safety approach served not only to safeguard individuals on-site but also to seamlessly integrate the construction activities with the ongoing holiday park experience.

In the interest of optimising safety further, a decision was made to utilise the service road situated at the rear of the site. However, this presented its own set of challenges, as the road was characterised by steep gradients and narrow passages. To mitigate potential risks and ensure the secure movement of deliveries, trained banksmen were stationed to guide and supervise the transportation of materials. This dynamic process, critical for safety, was monitored on a daily basis, allowing for real-time adjustments.
Adding another layer of complexity to the project was the location of the plant room beneath a balcony. This spatial constraint required an innovative problem-solving design that optimised the available space effectively. Working with the client, we collaborated with the client to devise a workable solution where they utilised their own installation team to build the plant room to our specification. Despite these challenges, our team's commitment to precision and excellence ensured the successful integration of the plant room beneath the balcony, demonstrating our ability to overcome spatial limitations.

In alignment with our commitment to environmental responsibility, a sustainable water management solution was implemented. A pumping main was installed to redirect water back to the main road drains, emphasising our dedication to minimising the ecological impact of the project.

In summary, our approach to the Cofton Holiday Parks splash park installation extended beyond conventional considerations. It involved a understanding of the operational dynamics of a functioning holiday park, coupled with a commitment to safety, adaptability, and environmental sustainability. The seamless integration of these elements underscored the success of the project, providing not just a splash park but an experience harmoniously interwoven with the ongoing activities at Cofton Holiday Parks.

Upon the Completion of the project, our commitment to safety extends beyond the construction phase. An integral part of our post-completion protocol involves conducting a thorough and independent play inspection aimed at identifying and addressing any potential risks within the park. This examination serves as a proactive measure to ensure the utmost safety for park visitors.

In the case of the Cofton project, the independent play inspection uncovered a potential entrapment risk associated with the tree panels. Swiftly addressing this concern, we spoke with our customer to discuss necessary adaptations. This collaborative approach ensures that any identified issues are promptly and effectively resolved.

In response to the inspection report, we took decisive action to mitigate the identified entrapment risk. The implicated tree panels were promptly removed and replaced with redesigned counterparts, crafted to adhere to established safety standards. This intervention not only aligns with our unwavering commitment to compliance but also serves as a testament to our agility in responding to unforeseen challenges.

Challenges Overcome

The unique topography surrounding the splash park site posed distinctive logistical challenges, Situated in a particularly challenging area characterised by a steep bank at the rear, our sole point of access to the construction site, we encountered formidable obstacles in the transportation of materials and plant equipment.

Navigating this difficult location required the use of specialised concrete vehicles equipped with conveyor belts. This solution allowed us to efficiently transport concrete over a perimeter wall. Once conveyed, the concrete was then loaded into dumpers for transportation to the construction site. This process not only showcased our commitment to problem-solving but also underscored the precision required to adapt to the unique circumstances of the project.

In essence, the complexities posed by the challenging topography surrounding the splash park site were met with a strategic and multifaceted solution. Our ability to deploy specialised equipment, coupled with the integration of additional labor resources, not only addressed the difficulties inherent in the location but also showcased our commitment to excellence in navigating and overcoming unique project constraints. This approach, marked by ingenuity and collaboration, ensured the successful transportation of materials and plant equipment, laying the foundation for the realization of a high-quality splash park in a challenging environment.